Z Turf Equipment Features

ZTE20 Z Aerate InUse 5

At Z Turf Equipment, we’re focused on helping lawn care professionals make more money by doing more work, more quickly, with unmatched results. Our pursuit of innovation doesn’t forsake the brilliant simplicity of our designs. It only makes them better, more productive and more in-tune with the demands of the job.

Examples of features that set Z Turf Equipment apart from the pack include:

Stainless Steel Chassis

When it comes to lawn care equipment, spreader sprayers live an especially tough life. That’s why we fabricate each Z Turf Equipment spreader sprayer frame out of high strength stainless steel, right here in the United States. Compared to other materials, stainless steel is more resistant to the corrosive effect of lawn care fertilizers and chemicals, so our machines hold up over time.

Patented Locking Caster System

Designed to increase stability on hillsides without compromising maneuverability, our exclusive patented locking caster system is a standard feature on zero-turn Z-Spray and Z-Aerate machines. Simply press the foot-activated lever to lock the front caster wheels in place, then press again to unlock full ZTR performance.

Lean to Steer Technology

The new Z-Spray LTS stand-on spreader sprayer features our innovative lean-to-steer technology, which gives the operator one-handed control of machine speed and direction. This leaves the other hand free to make spread or spray system adjustments or perform spot spraying with the easy-access spray wand. The intuitive controls are easy to learn and easy to operate, enabling you to stay focused on the job at hand.

Independent Tine Reels

With an innovative design featuring independent aeration tine reels, Z Turf Equipment aerators are capable of turning up to 20 degrees with the tines engaged in the ground. This enables lawn care pros to maneuver around sprinkler heads and landscaping borders while aerating, significantly increasing productivity, while also maximizing results.

Multi-Function Versatility

The long wheelbase design of our Z-Aerate 40 aerator gives it a hidden superpower – the ability to multitask, performing multiple jobs with each pass of the machine. With attachments including a slicer seeder, dethatching rake and spray system, the multi-function versatility of the Z-Aerate 40 is capable of bringing in more revenue for the same amount of work, with results that are second to none.