Z-Aerate 24 and 30

As low as $12,699  or $375  per month USD

Innovation in aerating technology enables the mid-size Z-Aerate 24-inch aerator and Z- Aerate 30-inch aerator to maneuver around trees, flowerbeds, and other landscaping while delivering maximum efficiency and productivity. The Z-Aerate 24 and 30 stand-on aerators utilize intuitive controls and offer zero-turn maneuverability, precise control, and fatigue-reducing ergonomics. Purchase with confidence in the high-quality parts that comprise our stand-on aerators, including commercial-grade engines and durable, self-cleaning tines. Our 24-inch stand-on aerator model equips a 14 HP Kohler engine and 36 coring tines, working at speeds of up to 6.8 MPH. The 30-inch stand-on aerator model puts a 15 HP Kawasaki engine to work with 48 coring tines, reaching a top ground speed of 7 MPH.

One of the most important specifications of these two models is the exception core quality. These stand- on aerators feature heavy-duty tines and pair them with an integrated hydraulic down-pressure to pull plugs with a core depth of up to five inches. While the 24-inch model is equipped with 1.85-gallon fuel capacity, the 30-inch feeds its Kawasaki engine with a 5-gallon tank, producing little downtime and maximizing productivity.

Available attachments enhance versatility, enabling one operator to aerate and overseed simultaneously. Get more done in less time with Z-Aerate 24 and 30 Stand-On Aerators. For the full lineup of Z Turf Equipment commercial aerators, check out our Z-Aerate Stand-On Aerators.

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Z-Aerate 24 and 30 Features


Intuitive Controls

Similar to a zero-turn mower, making Z-Aerate models easier and less tiring to operate.


Dual-Drive Design

Driven by both the wheels and tines for unmatched traction and maneuverability on any turf.

Free-Floating Center Tines

Allow turning and maneuvering with the tines engaged without damaging the turf.


Zero-Turn Maneuverability

Enables easy navigation of tight spaces for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Compact Design

Enables Z-Aerate 24 to fit through 36-inch yard gates. Leverage the increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue of a stand-on machine on a wider range of properties.


Adjustable Hydraulic Down Pressure

Delivers up to 1,200-pounds of down-pressure, enabling the Z-Aerate machines to pull plugs up to five inches deep.

Integrated Hydraulic System

Reduces machine downtime by eliminating rubber hoses, reducing potential leak points and stopping cross-contamination of hydraulic components.

Model Specs

Specific models may not be available in certain regions.
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Commercial 1 Year

Z-Aerate Warranty

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