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With its rugged, easy-to-use design and proven results, the Z-Seed walk-behind slicer seeder is the perfect lawn seeder for your business. It efficiently performs three jobs with each pass - verticutting, dethatching, and overseeding. A 9.5 HP* Kohler engine is backed by an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive with powered reverse, making it incredibly easy to operate. Travel up to 3.8 MPH on a 1.6-gallon fuel tank to efficiently knock out any job, large or small. The lawn seeder employs a mixer, which regulates seed flow based on ground speed for consistent application, and a sizeable 40-pound seed hopper maximizes runtime between fill-ups.

Built with quality and endurance in mind, the Z-Seed Walk-Behind Slicer Seeder employs high-carbon steel blades that remove thatch, providing maximum seed-to-soil contact. Add in commercial-grade parts, and it all adds up to a lawn seeder that produces superior germination for a healthy lawn or field.

Available Widths: 20"
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Z-Seed Features

Durable Steel Blades

The high-carbon blades effectively dethatch existing turf and deliver maximum seed-to-soil contact for superior seed germination and ultimately, better results.


Seed Delivery System

A large-diameter mixer regulates seed flow based on ground speed for efficient seed delivery at any speed.


Large-Capacity Hopper

The Z-Seed hopper holds up to 40-pounds of seed, so it can quickly handle large jobs with fewer refills.

Model Specs

Specific models may not be available in certain regions.
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Commercial 1 Year

Z-Seed Warranty

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