Z-Spray Max

As low as $23,599  or $696  per month USD

When you’re ready to take your application productivity to an entirely new level, the all-new Z-Spray Max is ready to deliver. With a massive 250-pound hopper and 60-gallon tank capacity (two 30-gallon tanks), Z-Spray Max gives you the ability to simultaneously apply liquid and granular materials with unmatched speed and efficiency. This makes it ideal for a wide range of jobs, from mid-size residences to the largest commercial and municipal accounts.

The new corrosion-resistant stainless-steel chassis is designed for a lower center of gravity to enhance stability and maneuverability in any conditions, regardless of the materials on-board. The new bi-directional spray boom pivots both forward and back when impacted, so the boom is much less likely to be damaged. The new tank design drains more completely, so less material is left over in the tank, and a tools-free tank drain eases draining the tank. The patented flip-open hopper eases hopper cleaning and makes for access to the engine for service.

Choose 2ft, 6ft, 8ft, or 10ft spray widths, and up to 25ft spread widths for precise application and maximum productivity on any property. A contoured operator pad and isolation mount-equipped operator platform provide all-day operator comfort, while logical, easy to reach controls make it an easy machine to get to know.

We offer a wide range of accessories for Z-Spray Max, including 7-gallon ISO and Auxiliary tanks, a 30-gallon auxiliary tank, 2-gallon foam marker, vibratory hopper motor, LED light kit and more.

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Z-Spray Max Features

ZTE23 Z-Spray Max MaxCapacity

Maximum Capacity

With its 250lb hopper and 60-gallon tank capacity, Z-Spray Max has the capacity required to finish the largest jobs without refilling.

ZTE23 Z-Spray Max HoseReel

75-Foot Hose Reel

Extended range to ease spraying in tight, hard to reach places away from the machine.

EX23 Z-Spray Mid LockingCaster

Locking Caster Wheels

Enables the operator to lock the caster wheels for increased stability on varied terrain.

ZTE23 Z-Spray Max FootSwitch

Foot-Operated Switch

Starts and stops the pump and foam marker simultaneously (when installed), enabling precise application while freeing the operator’s hands.

Low-Maintenance Design

Only one annual grease point, so you can go all season without required maintenance.

Internal Wet Disc Parking Brake

Holds the machine reliably, even with a full load of materials.

ZTE23 Z-Spray Mid OperatorPad

Patented Magnetic Operator Pad

The contoured operator pad is secured with magnets, enabling easy removal for service, or accessing the spray chart.

Model Specs

Specific models may not be available in certain regions.
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Commercial 1 Year

Z-Spray Warranty

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